Employers Liability Insurance Cover

This policy offers protection to employers for their legal liability (under Common Law), for damages and claimant’s costs and expenses of lawsuits filed by an employee. The Liability would arise if an employee in the insured’s immediate service dies or is injured out of or in the course of their work, through any perceived negligence on the employer’s part.

The policy also reimburses the insured for the expenses they may incur in the course of defending any such action/lawsuit.

It is important to note that the employee reserves the right to sue the employer for negligence despite having been compensated under the Workmen’s Compensation (Act) or a Group Personal Accident policies for a work-related injury or accident.

The cover is usually arranged on the basis of the employee’s earnings.

Goods In Transit

If you run a transport business, this insurance policy covers the goods in transit by a prescribed motor vehicle, either owned or hired, against all risks including road risks unless specifically excluded from the point of loading to unloading of the goods and temporal housing in the course of transit within the prescribed territorial limits.

This insurance cover must be taken with a motor comprehensive cover.

The policy runs between the point of loading of the risk and unloading of the risk at the point of destination.

Marine Insurance

Do you transport goods frequently via air, sea, road or rail to the point of destination?

Marine insurance is divided into three categories;

  • Marine Cargo Insurance
    Marine cargo policy is a transit risk policy covering the movement of cargo from a specified point to the point of discharge
  • Marine Hull Insurance
    Covers the vessel or craft from being stranded, sunk or capsized, over tuning or derailment, collision or contact of vessel or craft with any external object other than water, fire, lightning, and explosions
  • Third-Party Liabilities
    Covers the crew and passengers on board against any injuries or death while on board, this section also covers third party property against accidental damage but in most cases, all the cargo being carried in a ship the owners have already arranged for alternative insurance for the property.
Perils Covered
  • Perils of the Sea– fire, explosion, storm, sinking, collision with other objects in the sea other than water, earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning
  • War & SRCC Perils-war, riot, strike and civil commotion
  • Extraneous Perils- non-delivery, rainwater damage, oil damage, overheating, denting, chipping, breaking.

Contractors All Risk Cover

An all-risk cover best suitable for contractors undertaking building and civil engineering works, therefore, covering risks surrounding the construction process of an actual property being built or developed in a contract site.

Scope of Cover:
  • Contract works
  • Contractors Plant and machinery
  • Third-party liability

Fire and Perils

A Fire policy (basic cover) will provide cover for damage or destruction to insured property by Fire, lightning or explosion of domestic appliances.

The Fire & perils is an extension of the basic cover and will extend to include the following additional covers:-

  • Riot & Strike
  • malicious damage
  • Explosion
  • Special Perils (water perils of flood, blocked drains etc)
  • Earthquake
  • Bush Fire etc.

Important information required in assessing a fire risk will include:-

  • The value of property (Buildings, contents like furniture, stocks etc)
  • The nature of business / occupancy of the building
  • The nature of construction.
  • Location of the premises
  • State of housekeeping
  • Fire Fighting appliances available.

We recommended our clients obtain a professional valuation of properties such as buildings, plant & or machinery to ensure that they are adequately

Other items that can be insured under this policy include:-

  • Loss of rent following a fire
  • Loss of contents of underground tanks following an earthquake and earthquake cover for the swimming pool.

Burglary Cover

Covers damage arising from theft following upon an actual forcible and violent entry to or exit.

Attempt there to such building(s) for which the insured is responsible.


The policy covers loss resulting from forcible entry or exit into or out of the insured’s building/ premises. All points of entry, therefore, must be protected by adequate security devices.  Great care should be taken to ensure that the proposal form is accurately and fully complete.

Livestock Insurance

The insurance covers the insured for specified perils leading to the death of the insured animal.

The insured will be indemnified in the below circumstances;

  • Accidents: lightening, internal and external injuries, electrocution or flooding.
  • Illness or disease.
  • Epidemic: widespread outbreak of an infectious disease affecting many animals at the same time in a region.
  • Emergency slaughter on the advice of qualified veterinary surgeon following an accident, illness or disease.

It’s an all-risk cover for livestock unless specifically excluded.

Crop Insurance

What is covered?

Physical loss of or damage to growing crop directly caused by:

  1. Drought.
  2. Uncontrollable pests and diseases.
  3. Hailstone damage.
  4. Flooding of the crop field.
  5. Fire and lightning.
  6. Malicious damage.
  7. Earthquake.
  8. Riot and strike.
  9. Explosion.
  10. Windstorm

The cover can be extended to include harvested yield whilst stored at the farm or any other place of temporary storage and in transit to any recognised buyer within the country.

Crops covered

Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye corn, Triticale, Canary Seed, Millet, Panicum, Sorghum, Maize, and Rice among other monocotyledon crops.

Pea, Bean, Lentil, Vetch, Canola, Kale, Mustard, Lupin, Safflower, Sunflower and Linseed among other dicotyledonous crops.

Why should every farmer have this protection?
  1. Guarantees that your investment is not lost should any of the insured events occur
  2. Secures your income by making sure you get compensated
  3. Your bank will consider you a better customer to lend money knowing that their money will be repaid in all circumstances.

Domestic Package

Are you a homeowner? This is the policy for you. Sidian Bank Domestic insurance covers damage to  residential premises (house/ apartments, walls, fences, and gates) caused by;

  • Fire, lightning, thunderbolt, earthquake or subterranean fire
  • Explosion
  • Riot & strike
  • Aircraft or another aerial device
  • Bursting or overflowing of a water tank apparatus or pipe
  • Theft accompanied by actual forcible and violent breaking
  • Impact with the buildings by any road vehicle or animal not belonging to the insured
  • Storm or tempest

The policy covers the contents, furniture, and fittings, all risk items such as phones, jewelry, laptops, and other portable items.

It also covers the domestic servants of the insured and, the liability of the insured to third parties as an owner or occupier of the premises.

Money Insurance

Do you run a company that deals with money transfers? Sidian Bank Money Insurance is a risk policy that covers for loss of money in direct transit or on-premises including damage to safes or strong rooms caused by theft attempt.  Money which unless otherwise stated refers to cash, banknotes, cheques, money orders and postage stamps.

  • Money insurance cover is an accommodation class and must be taken with other insurances.
  • Scratch cards may be covered separately but on condition that they are put in a safe outside business hours.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a 24-hour worldwide cover designed for travelers on honeymoon, business trips, education, medical grounds or leisure.

The policy covers for;

  • Worldwide medical and hospital expenses including medical evacuation
  • Accidental death and loss of limbs
  • Luggage compensation
  • Travel delay
  • Flight cancellation
  • Personal legal liability

Work Injury Benefits Act

Indemnity to the Employer against legal liability under the WIBA Act (2007) and awards for bodily injury, medical expenses and funeral cover arising by accident or disease caused to employees covered by WIBA only and occurring during the period of insurance and arising out of and in the course of that employment by the employer in the business, subject to the terms, jurisdiction clause, exceptions, conditions, and warranties, of the Company’s WIBA Policy.

WIBA policy covers both accidental and occupational risks.

  • Death: 96 months (8 Years) salary subject to maximum limits
  • Permanent Total Disability: 96 months (8 Years) salary
  • Temporal Total Disability: Maximum 52 weeks
  • Medical Expenses: Actual Expenses incurred but limited to Kshs.100, 000/- Per employee
  • Funeral Expenses: Kshs. 30,000/- per death
Factors to consider in rating:
  • Trade
  • Specific occupation of the employees
  • Client, Proposer (for purposes of gauging moral hazards)
  • Location – pressure of ambulance chasers.
  • Experience (claims)
  • No. of employees.

All Risks Cover

Sidian Bank All Risk Insurance is a policy that covers loss arising from all the risks specified unless those that are specifically excluded. This class of insurance is designed to cover delicate or valuable items or movable office equipment, generators etc. This policy is on accommodation only.


Protects property insured against all risks unless specifically excluded.

Personal Accident Cover

The policy will provide monetary payments in the event of bodily injury sustained by the insured. It covers injury caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means subject to the option selected by the insured.


The cover is available as follows:

  • Death
  • Permanent total disability
  • Hospital cash
  • Medical expenses

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