Taxes paid via Sidian Corporate Internet Banking

Tax Type Description Tax Head
Import Duty – Oil Import Duty
Import Duty
Import Duty – PPO (Post Parcels)
Transfer of Ownership – C&BC
Excise Duty – Oils Excise Duty
Excise Duty
Excise Duty – PPO
VAT Imports
VAT PPO (Post Parcels)
VAT Treo
APSC-International APSC (Customs Air Passenger Service)
Alteration Fee Fees (Licence, Manifest, Alterations, Cancellation and Concession)
Certificate Fee  for  Customs Documents
Overtime Fee
Manifest Amendment
Cancellation Fee
Licence Application Fee
Licence Renewal Fee
Customs Agent Licence Fee
Transit Shed Licence Fee
Bonded Warehouse Licence Fee
Manufacture Under Bond Licence Fee
Transit Goods Licence Fee
Transit Go down Licence
Transit Toll Fees
Concession Fees
System Access Fee (Password Fee)
Transit Vehicle Licence Fee
Licence (Certificate) Amendment Fee
Licence (Certificate) Duplicate fee
Fines Under East Africa Community Customs Management Act Fines
Penalty  Section 135 of East Africa  Community Customs Management Act
Penalty to Bond
Interest for late payment (Section 249)
Interest for late payment (Section 135)
Duty Deposits Deposit
Duty Deposit – Transits
Cash Deposits – Security Bonds
IDF Fees (2.0%) IDF
Proceeds from Auctions Customs Warehouse and Sundry
Sale of Tamperproof Seals
Excess Cash
Bank Interest Earned
Customs Warehouse Rent
Sundry Revenue
Forfeited Refunds
Road Maintenance Levy (RML) Road Maintenance Levy
Petroleum Regulatory Levy (PRL) Petroleum Regulatory Levy
Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA) Revenue Directorate of Civil Aviation
Gross Payment-Petroleum Development Fund (PDF) Gross Payment-Petroleum Development
Sugar Development Levy Sugar Development Levy  
COMESA  Certificate of origin Fee Certificate of Origin
EAC Certificate of origin fee
AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) Certificate of Origin fee
EUR1 Certificate of origin fee
GSP Certificate of origin fee
Export Duty Export Duty
Kenya Railway Development Levy (RDL) Railway Development Levy
Sale of single Number Plate- C&BC Number Plates
Sale of pair of Number Plates -C&BC
Foreign Motor Vehicle Fees – C&BC Foreign Motor Vehicle
Transfer Fees for Motor Vehicle Registration Transfer Fees for Motor Vehicle Registration
Merchant  Shipping Superintendent (MSS) Levy Merchant  Shipping Superintendent Levy
Road Safety fund Road Safety fund
SHMV purchase tax – C&BC SHMV purchase tax
Domestic Taxes  

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