Management of branches assigned to for:

  1. Business retention and policy renewal management
  2. Client’s insurance policies application and advising on the risk rates and acceptable terms,
  3. Debiting of policies in the Bancassurance system and policy declarations.
  4. Claims Analysis


  1. General Business Underwriting & Operations Key – 40%
  2. Business Management, Underwriting and Operations (9 Branches) – 30%
  3. Customer Experience Management – 10%
  4. Risk and Compliance – 5%


  1. General Business Underwriting & Operations Key – 40%
  • General business rates and terms negotiation to ensure all customers get value out of quotes issued and covers placed.
  • Ensure SLAS define all TATs around the underwriting and operations processes
  • Enhance and maintain a good business relation between the intermediary and the insurance companies.
  • Ensure renewal notices are sent out to assigned intermediaries’ customers at least a month prior to policy expiry
  • Track the renewal ratio for the assigned branches in the intermediary and advise the bank on the strategies to grow and maintain the overall ratio at 80%
  • File ALL insurance pledge forms and ensure renewal with the intermediary
  1. Business Management, Underwriting and Operations (9 Branches) – 30%
  • Process and renew policies in the bancassurance system.
  • Ensure Motor certificates, cover notes and policy documents are issued to the clients.
  • Advise Branches and clients on Insurance rates and terms.
  • Ensure Policy reinstatements revisions and endorsements are done and communicated to the underwriters.
  • 9 Branches management on Debt collection, Policy renewals and policy cover issue. The branches include.
  • Ensure accurate debit notes & credit notes are raised in the bancassurance system.
  • Ensure accurate policy endorsements and revisions are raised in the system.
  • Ensure Policy contra and cancellation credit notes are raised in the system.
  1. Customer Experience Management – 10%
  • Meet the departmental internal customer satisfaction.
  • Identify opportunities for business development and providing insightful feedback on products and solutions that help in the customization and development of new products/solutions.
  • Deliver high level customer service and client satisfaction.
  1. Risk and Compliance – 5%
  • Ensure all Insurance companies under the bank insurance panel signed Service Level Agreement.
  • Ensure we comply with IRA on the Bancassurance Intermediary appointment and onboarding as an intermediary to appointed insurance companies.
  • Ensure implementation and compliance with operational policies and procedures, AML/CFT Policy.
  1. This section records how decisions are made and the accountability for making decisions. Give examples Day to day making of
  • Business decisions and advising customers on their insurance needs and costs. These include ALL clients in assigned branches. In
  • The position holder is expected to make informed decisions and give customers advise on the same.
  1. Any matter involving premium refunds will be referred to the Finance and operations team who will seek approval from Head of Bancassurance before effecting
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Preference given to Actuarial, Insurance, Statistics or a Business-Related Course)
  • At least 1 years in insurance, preferably in Bancassurance back office operations and claims experience.
  • Knowledge in Bancassurance Underwriting and Operations procedures.
  • Knowledge in Insurance and Insurance products.
  • Good Analytical and Interpersonal Decision-making skills.
  • COP (Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance) or Diploma in Insurance ACII or IIK.
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