Terms And Conditions For Sidian Bank’s Mobile Banking Service

3.1. Introduction These terms and conditions shall apply to any account with the bank and contain the rights and obligations of the Bank and the customer in relation to the use of this service.


3.2. The service

  1. The bank will provide mobile banking services (“the service”) to you through the mobile phone registered with a mobile service provider with which the bank has entered into agreement with for the provision for you to access the service.
  2. The service is only available to bank account holders. The bank, however reserves the right to accept or decline any application for the service at its sole discretion.
    1. The service is however not available to Premium Savings Account and any business/joint account except where signing instructions are any to sign.
  3. The service will only be provided through the mobile service provider(s) which, the bank at its sole discretion may determine from time to time.
  4. The processing of the customers application and subsequent registration for the service will be done within 24 hours (1 working day(s)) of submitting your application.
  5. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to familiarize his/herself with the operating procedure for the service as will be provided by the bank upon your registration to the service. The bank will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of your errors either of commission and/or omission.
  6. The customer agrees and undertakes to be bound by and to comply with all of the procedures as may be issued by the bank from time to time. The bank shall not be bound by or obliged to take any action on any instructions which do not properly comply with the procedures and the bank may reject such non-compliant instructions.
  7. The bank will provide the customer with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use with this service. The customer must exercise all due care and attention to ensure that the secrecy of the PIN and shall be solely responsible for its safety. The customer must also take all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorized or fraudulent use of the service. The bank will not be held liable for any losses arising from unauthorized use of your PIN.
  8. The provision of the service is subject to the availability of the mobile telephony connectivity. The bank will not be held liable for non-delivery or delay in delivery or wrongful delivery of the service, as a result of the failure of the mobile telephony connectivity.
  9. The bank shall not be held liable for any disputes that may arise between the customer and a mobile service provider in the use of this service.
  10. This service will only be available to sole account holder of your account(s) or to persons duly appointed in writing with the mandate to singularly operate the specified account(s).
  11. The bank will ensure as far as possible that any information supplied to the customer through the service is accurate. The Bank shall not be liable to any error which results in the provision of inaccurate information.
  12. The service will only be available in geographical regions where the chosen mobile service provider(s) provide(s) mobile telephony connectivity.
  13. The customer undertakes to keep your SIM card and mobile phone safely and must not leave the mobile phone unattended or permit any person access to the mobile phone in such a manner that it may be used to access the mobile Banking-service, whether with or without his/her consent.
  14. The Customer undertakes to notify the Bank immediately of theft or loss of the mobile phone/ SIM card, any unauthorized access to the service discontinuation of the telephony service with the specified mobile service provider. The Bank shall not be held liable for any losses resulting from the loss of the SIM card and /or mobile phone howsoever caused.
  15. p) The Bank reserves the right to enhance the services at any time without notice to the customer. It is your responsibility to keep updated with these enhancements. The Bank will make all reasonable efforts to notify you of any changes or updates.
  16. The Bank reserves the right to charge a fee for the provision of the service and for the use of all or part of the service. Such fess shall be notified to the customer from time to time. The Customer will be liable to pay the Bank for any fees levied for the use of the service, unless the Bank in its sole discretion has waived such fees. By accepting these terms and conditions, the customer provides the Bank with the authority to debit these fees from the account. These charges will be reflected in the normal Bank statement. The Bank reserves the right to terminate this service in the event of failure to pay the fees levied for the provision of the service.
  17. The Bank shall not be held liable for the quality of the service of the mobile service provider and gives no warranty with respect to the quality of service by the mobile service provider.
  18. The Customer shall notify the Bank of any changes in the account number mobile telephone number(s) address and any other information that may affect the ability to access the service. The Bank will not be held liable for sending information to your mobile telephone number as contained in our records at any given time.
  19. The Customer shall bear all risk and consequences of the inability to send or comply with any instruction sent using the service due to errors in transmission of his/her instructions.