The purpose of the role is to provide oversight, critical review, and assessment of all Shared Services department of the Bank to ensure efficient workflow as per the required and expected delivery standards whilst ensuring operational excellence in all areas of processing within Shared Services.


  • Operational excellence
  • Branch operations
  • Operations control
  • Stakeholder management
  • Risk & Compliance
  • People Management


Strategy implementation

  • Lead and develop the business strategies for central Operations department in order to meet the Bank’s overall strategic goals.
  • Cascade downs the strategies and objectives across the departments to ensure the successful implementation of the overall department objectives and goals.

 Operational Excellence

  • Provide oversight and ensure smooth management of all units under Shared Services – Customer Onboarding, Payments, Central Loans Processing, Operational Excellence, Treasury Back Office, Registry and Reconciliation.
  • Participate in developing policies within the Shared Services Department and ensuring adherence CBK Prudential Guidelines and other over-arching policy documents.
  • Continuous Process Improvements-quarterly review of all processes and procedures, to determine efficiency.
  • Coordinate centralization and standardization of operational processes across Shared Services and in conjunction with other Quality control functions of the Bank.
  • Continuous review, update, implementation and monitoring of adherence to the internal policies, procedures and manuals.
  • Supervision of Branch Controls output.
  • Advising and guiding Shared Services staff on passing entries / executing of instructions stemming from exceptional approval requests.
  • Co-ordinate data integrity exercises and ensure closure.
  • Conduct regular checks on income leakages and co-ordinate process improvements to prevent leakages.
  • Ensuring closure of all audit exceptions at Shared Services.
  • Support the AML/CFT-KYC function at Shared Services to ensure that the Bank is not at risk of money laundering activities or at risk of being non-compliant to its AML-KYC Policies, the CBK Prudential Guidelines, POTA ACT and the POCAMLA Act.
  • Participate in implementation of controls on customer data as per Data Protection Act requirements. 

Branch Operations

  • Oversee the smooth running of the branch operations.
  • Update the Anti-money laundering (AML) policy in line with global and local changes; create awareness of anti-money laundering processes and definitions to all branch operation staff and monitor transactions.
  • Ensure customer issues are promptly addressed and resolved.
  • Liaise with Security department and Branch Retail Managers to ensure security concerns are addressed and staff adequately trained on security matters.
  • Implementation of appropriate cost control measures to manage identified cost centers at the branches.
  • Ensure effective use of ORPA as risk management/control measure.
  • Support branches in the attainment of satisfactory audit and control rating by constantly reviewing processes and monitoring adherence.
  • Co-ordinate and review cash holding limits in line with changes in the operating environment.
  • In liaison with the Head of Branches ensure effective coordination and management of staff absences (both planned and unplanned) so as to maintain uninterrupted and quality Branch Operations.
  • Together with the relevant departments, address issues received through customer feedback, both internal and external, including review of policies, procedures and processes where necessary.
  • Give guidance and co-ordinate staff transfers and rotations within Branch Operations.
  • Liaise with Human Resource department to ensure identified training and development needs are addressed.

Operations Control

  • Introduce SLA measurement tools to continually evaluate quality of all business support processes t enhance performance and productivity.
  • Continuous independent performance assessment of all internal service level agreements (SLAs) between Operations & IT Function units and internal customers (business and other operational units) and other key customer service delivery standards providing timely input for improvement.
  • Provide effective management oversight for all suspense and internal accounts reconciliations with Operation Department to ensure adherence to the Group Reconciliation policy
  • Timely preparation of Group operations management reports – for management committees and Board.
  • Source, develop and motivate staff to maintain a high degree of staff productivity, retention and professional growth.
  • Work with Risk and Compliance and the businesses to ensure training in Compliance within Group operations teams is effective. In addition, document and implement controls to ensure compliance with regulations and Group standards.

Stakeholder Management

  • Conduct periodic meetings with the concerned stakeholders and discuss MIS reports  related to shared services activities, progress on projects, achievements and other major departmental issues if any to facilitate the decision-making process.
  • To ensure action on instructions from KRA, Kenya Police, Courts, CBK etc when required.
  • Facilitate internal and external audits
  • Ensure closure of all audit issues open.

People Management

  • Set performance objectives for each member of the team in accordance with the Department’s overall objectives.
  • Regularly review performance to trigger feedback and prompt actions to ensure objectives for individuals and team are met. Such actions include recognition of outstanding performance, taking corrective measures, which may include coaching, mentoring, training to develop new skills or attitudes.
  • Carry out performance appraisals to provide overall assessment for a set period of performance in a manner that enhances motivation and performance improvements.
  • Implement appropriate communication systems and forums which will ensure that: the staff will be kept informed of the Bank’s business direction, and obtain support and knowledge to perform duties effectively and there is on-going collaboration amongst the staff with other members of the Department, and with other relevant stakeholders in the Bank for the purpose of cultivating collective responsibility to achieve Bank’s business goals.
  • Build strong relationships externally.

Risk & Compliance

  • Comply with the Bank’s Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) policy as defined by CBK prudential guideline
  • This role is regarded as the first line of defense, it has a primary responsibility for identifying, measuring, monitoring and controlling risks within their area of accountability. They are required to establish effective governance, risk and control framework for their business unit to ensure they are compliant with Sidian Bank’s risk policy requirements, to maintain appropriate risk management skills, methodology, frameworks and solutions. In addition, ensure they are operating within the risk appetite boundaries set and approved by the board
  • Ensure that the bank does not transact business with persons whose names match those on the sanctions lists in the Finance day to day business
  • Ensure that confidentiality and integrity of the Bank’s information is maintained at all times in line with cyber security and information security guidelines
  • Ensuring adherence to the policies as defined in the IT security policy considering the disciplinary process that follows any violation
  • Ensure responsibility for using personal data by following the data protection principles under the data protection act and make sure the information is used fairly, lawfully and transparently and used for specified, explicit purposes.
  • Ensure compliance with all banks policies, procedures and all statutory requirements.
  • University Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Finance or Accounting) or other relevant Business Degree.
  • Master’s degree will be an added advantage.
  • At least ten (10) years’ experience in Banking environment, with a track record of success with at least 5 years in a Shared Services function.
  • Professional Banking qualification (AKIB) is an added advantage.
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