Treasury Manager


The role is responsible for executing money market and fixed income transactions within the limits allocated with a view to maximizing profitability. To ensure optimal funding mix and funding cost while ensuring risk and liquidity levels are aligned with the overall strategy of the bank. The position is responsible for generating revenue through active trading and management of the various treasury products while mitigating underlying risks to ensure the growth of the bank’s forex business on a sustainable basis. The focus is to generate FX income and management of various risks for the bank in addition to funding the bank through various FX products.


  • Monitor and project daily cash positions and execute money market transactions to ensure the funding mix and funding cost are in line with the bank’s strategies and liquidity and interest rate risks and are within and in compliance with internal limits and regulatory requirements.
  • Coordinate with Operations Department to ensure smooth execution and settlement of treasury transactions.
  • Carrying out market surveys and intelligence to establish market expectations on interest rate trends.
  • Pricing, Profitability, Liquidity, and Cash Flow Management.
  • Management of the bank’s cash flows in local and foreign currencies to enable the bank to meet its daily obligations.
  • Manage the RTGS payment system & control real-time payments to ensure customer satisfaction & compliance with RTGS rules by the Central Bank local clearing accounts, intraday liquidity facility (ILF) and Domestic Foreign currency (DFCC) accounts and East Africa Payments accounts.
  • Trade-in money market instruments to achieve budget interest income revenues.
  • Manage the cash positions generated by branch cash deposits and cash withdrawals.
  • Manage the bank’s liquidity position with a view to ensuring that all accounts are well funded always to meet the daily and future payment obligations
  • Compliance and Controls
  • Manage all Inter-Bank money market unit activities ensuring all procedures and policies are followed without exception.
  • Actively contribute to improvements in quality/efficiency of treasury products delivery processes
  • Trade-in Foreign Exchange to achieve budget for foreign exchange revenue.
  • Manage the bank’s currency positions with a view to ensuring that all positions are properly documented, and revenue targets are met within prescribed limits.
  • Manage the positions generated by the corporate and retail transactions and ensure profitable covering of all transactions affecting the Bank’s currency positions.
  • Manage pricing & spot rate given to all units for the department to ensure deals are profitably booked.
  • Product development to hedge against exposure created by customer transactions e.g. spot, forward, and swaps.
  • Keep track of exchange and interest rate movements in local and international markets while managing the bank’s position in accordance with the market trends.
  • Servicing currency requirements for corporate clients and ensuring maximum returns from these relationships.
  • Team Development
  • Support the training program of Trainee & Junior dealers in the unit
  • Undertake other duties assigned by the Department Head from time to time
  • Contribute to plans for growing the funding base and other businesses of the bank
  • Advise strategies to maximize revenue under limited resources.
  • Network with internal customers & external market counterparts, in order to solicit customers’ feedback, gain market intelligence, benchmark trading techniques, and enhance the Bank’s profile in the market.
  • Contribute to building the bank’s reputation in the international and local markets through personally demonstrating high level of professionalism at all times.


Trading decisions

  • All trading positions/trades should be guided by banks’ policies with aim of generating income in line with approved policies & procedures while considering; cashflow, the liquidity position of the bank product type, deal size, dealer limit, stop loss, counterparty, available opportunity etc.
  • Pricing of treasury products are based on market interbank rates, current FX position, and nature of client while working together with the sales team to grow FX our volumes, both local and international market rates, current interest rates, and return on investment.

Funding & investment decisions

  • Mainly guided by Banks policy & procedures, depending on our cash flow requirement, investment returns, funding costs, counterparty etc.

Risk management decisions

  • While trading, I take decisions guided by Bank and CBK requirements ensuring that the bank is not exposed and avoiding losses beyond the stop loss/penalties.
  • These decisions are taken guided by the bank’s policies and CBK requirements.
  • Where necessary, sometimes the decisions are made in collaboration with the ALCO and in consultation with the Head of Treasury.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a Business-related field;
  • A Master’s degree is an added advantage.


  • Hands-on banking experience for a period of not less than 6 years, with at least a minimum of 3 years in the direct money market, Fixed income, FX trading, and treasury operations;


  • Good working experience in a dealing room/ Treasury front office functions. Money markets, Foreign Exchange Interbank Trading & Co-operate sales;
  • Experience in using Treasury Electronic dealing systems: Thomson Reuters EIKON/ FXT and Bloomberg;
  • Good working relationship with Electronic FX Brokers;
  • Experience in handling KEPPS system and working environment;
  • Comprehensive understanding of forex business market both interbank, SME & co-operate sectors;
  • Good understanding of local and global market regulations applicable to foreign exchange;
  • A good understanding of micro and macroeconomics to interpret likely interest rate trends both locally and on the international markets;
  • Knowledge of local and international market events and their likely impact on interest rates;
  • Clear understanding of the Bank’s vision, mission, corporate objectives and strategy
  • Networking with Central Bank and other interbank players.